Cambridge National Trust Volunteers

Important: please re-apply!

Owing to a technical problem, we have not received some membership applications made through this website. We want to apologise for this and would love you to re-apply. Please drop us a message at if you are interested in helping us with our work. Thank you.

As an independent volunteer group, we actively support the National Trust by giving up time to help preserve and maintain their properties. We typically work on Sundays, but also carry out longer weekend tasks during the year.

As an example of our work, have a look at articles about recent tasks painting a barn and raking up grass. After that, why not have a look at more of our events from 2022 and earlier years?

Our projects include such outdoor tasks as gardening, painting, clearing scrub, forestry, maintaining fences and cleaning. We also help steward events at NT properties and have occasional social events such as meals and walks.

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Upcoming projects and events

You’re welcome to come along without further commitment, and you don’t need to be a Trust member.

Why not get involved? Our projects are currently announced by email. To get in contact with us, just drop a message to ku[dot]gro[dot]vtnc[at]seiriuqne
(spelled backwards to avoid spam robots), or complete our form.

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