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Diary page 20 of 20: October 2016 – October 2017 [older]

These occasional descriptions of our projects show the kinds of things we do as a group. You might also like to look at our related photo album on Flickr and our more frequently-updated feeds on Twitter and Facebook.

We have information about volunteering tasks that took place over the following periods:

Tree-planting at Wimpole — 8th October 2017

Today, we were busy at Wimpole planting trees.

Photo - Tipping soil around the trees Photo - A finished tree Photo - A planted rowan

Left: Tipping soil around the trees; centre: a finished tree; right: a planted rowan

Removing a juniper bush at Anglesey Abbey — 1st October 2017

Here’s another timelapse film from Paul. This time, it’s of us removing a juniper bush.

Photo - Before we started Photo - All done

Left: before we started; right: all done

More timelapse films — 19th March 2017

Paul has produced several timelapse films of our work:

Weekend away at Calke Abbey — 7th - 9th October 2016

Photo - Hard at work picking up logs Photo - Clyde and Peter carrying a log

Left: Hard at work picking up logs; right: Clyde and Peter carrying a log

Photo - The log pile once the work was complete Photo - The team beside the finished log pile

Left: The log pile once the work was complete; right: The team beside the finished log pile

We spent a weekend clearing rides at Calke Abbey (rides are breaks between trees which can be travelled along). The work provided a habitat for rare willow tits. Andy writes: “We were armed with timber tongs, bow saws and loppers. All the trees had already been cut down – we just had to clear them into long habitat piles of cut logs and brash.” You can see more photos and read much more about the task in Andy's album.