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Grassland conservation at Ickworth — 7th August 2011

We mowed and cleared grass on one of Ickworth’s more diverse grassland habitat areas. Removing the cut grass in this way reduces the level of nutrients feeding back into the ground. This helps maintain the presence of wild flowers and keeps brambles and hawthorn from taking over the area.

Photo - The pile getting large Photo - Raking the grass
Photo - Raking the grass Photo - The gang

(All photos by Paul H. – there are many more in his photo album.)

Helping at “Wimpole’s finest hour” — 31st July 2011

(Andy T. writes:) This task involved helping out at the 1940s “Their Finest Hour” weekend. It was one of those tasks that involved helping out with the running of the event, rather than getting our hands dirty. We were told that we could turn up in 1940s gear for this task.

I spent most of my time helping out at the Paper Aeroplane gazebo. It was a competition to see who could build and throw a paper aeroplane the furthest. Other people helped out at the memorabilia stall, looking after the refreshments and the aeroplane identification quiz. Because it was quite a slow day, there was plenty of time to look at the vintage cars, Churchill’s appearance, the Home Guard displays and take part in the 1940s Lindy Hop Dancing.

At 16:00 we went for tea and cake. Afterwards we helped take down one of the gazebos and then headed for home. (Andy wrote a little more on his Flickr page, on which he has many more photos.)

Photo - The event: Churchill impersonator Photo - Matt, Ruth and Laura in 1940s garb Photo - Paper aeroplane competition

Left to right (all pictures by Andy T.): Churchill entering the proceedings; three other people from the 1940s: Matt, Ruth and Laura; the paper aeroplane competition

Photo - Helping at the plane-spotter's quiz Photo - Ruth and Kyle joining in the Lindy Hopping Photo - Taking down the gazebo

Left to right: Helping at the plane-spotter's quiz; Ruth and Kyle joining in the Lindy Hopping; Taking down the gazebo

Helping with the scything weekend at Wimpole — 25th - 26th June 2011

We helped with a scything weekend event over two days. Tasks included manning a beer tent, helping with drying out the scythed grass to make hay and making a rope from the grass for a “tug of war”. Andy T. has written about it and has more pictures.

Photo - Before the scything competitors started Photo - After they finished Photo - Jo manning the beer tent

Left to right (all pictures by Andy T.): Before the scything competitors started; After they finished; Jo manning the beer tent

Photo - The hay drying rack Photo - Making rope Photo - Simon (NT employee) shearing a sheep

Left to right: The hay drying rack; Making rope; Simon (NT employee) shearing a sheep

A day on the Cam — 19th June 2011

Photo - Punting (1) Photo - Punting (2)

Both pictures above were kindly taken by Margaret G., and the day out was organised by Kyle V. Many thanks are due to them both. We have more pictures on our Flickr site - why not have a look?