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Making a path at Wimpole — 15th May 2011

(Alison writes:) There were 16 volunteers and we split into two groups. One group continued work on the Path Hunter path and spread another layer of woodchips onto the path thus making it nice and deep, but firm, to walk on. Also wooden edging had been put in, and the areas behind the wood were back filled with soil to make it level.

The other taskers went to a site where a large yew tree had been felled. They spent the day cutting up the fallen branches into smaller sections and we created a huge pile of brash which the warden took away ready to go into the shredder to make more woodchips!

Photo - The finished path Photo - Getting the woodchips

Left to right (all pictures by Paul H.): The finished path; Getting the woodchips

Clearing reeds from the moat at Lyveden New Bield — 8th May 2011

This was a messy and wet task, but the warm and sunny weather – not to mention the delicious cakes we were kindly given at the end – more than made up for that.

Photo - The moat prior to clearing. Photo - Clearing the moat Photo - More clearing

Left to right (all pictures by Paul H.): The moat prior to clearing; Clearing the moat (1, 2)

Photo - After the moat was cleared Photo - The fruits of our labour: piles of extracted reeds Photo - Cake!

Left to right: After the moat was cleared; The fruits of our labour: piles of extracted reeds; Cake!

Weekend away in the Peak District at Sheen — 1st - 3rd April 2011

To celebrate 30 years of CNTV, eleven of us went on a weekend away to Sheen in the Peak District.

Andy writes: “We were impressed with how nice the Youth Hostel that we had hired was…On the Saturday, we had a fry up and then went for a walk. We started at Sheen and walked down to Townend, Lowend, through Cowlow, through Ecton, across Ecton Hill past Manor Ho(use). Some of us climbed Wetton Hill next, whilst the others carried on and met us near behind a wall where we had some lunch.

Photo - Ecton Village RoadPhoto - Elevenses on SaturdayPhoto - Ecton Copper MinePhoto - Wetton Hills

Left to right (all pictures by Andy T.): Ecton Village Road; Elevenses on Saturday; Ecton Copper Mine; Wetton Hills

Photo - Walking towards WettonPhoto - The "Devonshire Arms" at HartingtonPhoto - Pete waiving from a rock at Pilsbury CastlePhoto - At the hostel

Left to right: Walking towards Wetton; The "Devonshire Arms" at Hartington; Pete waiving from a rock at Pilsbury Castle; At the hostel

“The weather had been miserable when we started – grey and spitting rain, but by lunchtime I had to put my sun hat on and it was really pleasant. Next we walked across the fields to Alstonefield. Then (after a slight detour), we headed along Wolfscote Dale. It was very pleasant in this valley, with great big cliffs that would be awesome for abseiling, and also two caves. I explored one of them. It looked quite small, but it had a high ceiling that I couldn’t see the top of, and a narrow passage way, that I squeezed down and could see opening up, but it started to get dark so I stopped. Then we headed up to Hartington. We stopped at the pub there and went to the village shop. Then we walked up the hill to Sheen.”

Andy has written more about the weekend on his Flickr page. Thanks to Lop for organising it.

Tree-cutting and more at Houghton Mill — 13th March 2011

There were various tasks: clearing out a garage and putting logs in it, fixing the potholes in the car park, building a bonfire, dragging bits of wood to the bonfire, and cutting down dead elms. You can read more about this in Andy’s album, where he discusses his work on elms.

Photo - Removing unwanted foliage Photo - Lorraine taking the tree cuttings away

Left: Removing unwanted foliage; Right: Lorraine taking the cuttings away

Photo - Disposing of the evidence Photo - Filling holes in the car park

Left: Disposing of the evidence; Right: Filling holes in the car park