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Working on the heathland at Black Down — 26th October 2018

Val W. writes: It was one of the first chilly weekends when we went down to Haslemere to work on the heathland at Blackdown. It seems that a lot of cutting back small spruce and birch saplings is needed to keep the heathland as the nightjars require it; fortunately there are 20-odd belted Galloway cows helping which was a beautiful site, but a lot of human intervention is also required.

Photo - Piles of cut material at Blackdown Photo - Work site at Blackdown

Left: Piles of cut material at Blackdown; right: Work site at Blackdown (Photos: Mark T.)

Photo - Pete cutting back scrub at Blackdown Photo - Caterpillar at Blackdown

Left: Pete cutting back scrub at Blackdown; right: A caterpillar on the site (Photos: Mark T.)