Cambridge National Trust Volunteers


Members should use the username and password they were given to download the full programme including contact telephone numbers; non-members can join here. Please be aware that short-notice events are sometimes announced on our email list.

Date Event Contact
SUNDAY 26th Jun Wimpole Gardens: There is always plenty that needs doing in the gardens at Wimpole. If you don’t believe it just come and see for yourself! Val W.

There are several ways of reaching our events, and we have information about lift sharing, cycling and driving. Task leaders will find guidance notes and the form for recording task hours in the members’ area.

Recent events (from October 2014)

Date Event Contact
SUNDAY 5th Oct Anglesey Abbey: Cutting back the ivy around the garden that has been growing rampantly over the summer months. Tom H.
SUNDAY 19th Oct Annual General Meeting at 4.30pm in the Gardeners’ Bothy following the task in Wimpole Gardens. Any committee member
SUNDAY 19th Oct Wimpole Gardens: working in the pleasure gardens outside the walled garden Val W.
SUNDAY 26th Oct Wicken Fen: Maintenance work at our wild campsite. Looking after trees, fixing shelters and the eco loo, and building some steps. Kyle V.
NOVEMBER 2014 - DECEMBER 2014 Extra tasks at Anglesey Abbey: Linda is looking for volunteers to help at Winter Lights this year – with some similar jobs to last year but also some new roles too. Help is required on the following dates: 28, 29 and 30th November; 5, 6 and 7th December; 12, 13 and 14th December. These will all be evening events, with different roles starting and finishing at slightly different times, but roughly 5-9pm, at the latest. If you would like to help then please contact Linda Goudie directly on: / 07825 028385 / 01223 810390
SUNDAY 2nd Nov Wimpole Estate: Digging tree holes for this year’s planting Kyle V.
SUNDAY 9th Nov Lyveden New Bield: Woodland thinning and hedge laying. Lop (John) E.
SUNDAY 16th Nov Committee meeting at the Housekeeper’s Lodge. Any committee member
SUNDAY 16th Nov Anglesey Abbey: Wood chip spreading ready for the Winter Lights event. There are extra tasks to help with the Winter Lights festival later in the programme for those who’d like to get involved. Alison B.
SUNDAY 23rd Nov Wimpole Home Farm: Exact task to be decided, but it’ll focus in preparing the farm for Christmas. Yes, it’s that time of year again! Paul C.
SATURDAY 6th Dec Social event: Christmas Meal – Paul and Sue have once again graciously offered to open their home to their fellow CNTV members for a bring and share Christmas meal. Paul and Sue C.
SUNDAY 7th Dec Wimpole Estate: Taking down a fence in the South Avenue. Alison B.
SUNDAY 14th Dec Oxburgh Hall: Working on the new Natural Play area in the woodland adjacent to the Den Building plus some other woodland based tasks if time permits. Ruth S.
SUNDAY 21st Dec Social event: walk – route to be decided Pete J.

Events in 2015

THURSDAY 1st Jan Social event: New Years Day walk. Join Lop for a walk of approx 5 miles around the Wimpole Estate and finish with a bowl of soup in the Wimpole Restaurant. Lop E.
SUNDAY 11th Jan Wimpole Estate: Task to be confirmed but likely to be either hedge laying, tree planting or constructing tree guards. Ruth S.
SUNDAY 18th Jan Melford Hall: Woodland work in the shelter belts around the property. Mainly clearing dead wood and generally tidying up. Kyle V.
SUNDAY 25th Jan Anglesey Abbey: Ground preparation work for the planned silver birch plantation Tom H.
SUNDAY 1st Feb Wimpole Gardens: Working in the gardens to help realise the Garden Vision Ian S.
SUNDAY 8th Feb Committee meeting at Wimpole following the task. Any committee member
SUNDAY 8th Feb Wimpole Estate: Task to be confirmed but likely to be either hedge laying, tree planting or constructing tree guards. Kyle V.
SUNDAY 15th Feb Melford Hall: Continuing the removal of dead wood and the general tidying up of the woodland shelter belts around the property Paul C.
SUNDAY 22nd Feb Houghton Mill: In 2015 the National Trust will be taking over the running of the caravan site at the Mill. As part of the preparation for this, our help is needed with the construction of a new workshop and compound on the caravan site Lop E.
SUNDAY 1st Mar Anglesey Abbey: Exact task to be confirmed nearer the time Ian S.
SUNDAY 8th Mar Wimpole Estate: Task to be confirmed but likely to be either hedge laying, tree planting or constructing tree guards. Val W.
SUNDAY 15th Mar Houghton Mill: General tidying up at the beginning of the season, plus the installation of new signing for the caravan site. Jo H.
SUNDAY 29th Mar Wimpole Gardens: Continuing the work started in February in the gardens to help realise the Garden Vision. Alison B.
SATURDAY 4th Apr Ramsey Abbey Gatehouse: Come equipped with brushes and brooms – it’s time to give the Gatehouse its annual spring clean. There may be some additional work at Houghton Mill in the afternoon. Ian S.
FRIDAY 10th - SUNDAY 12th Apr Working weekend away at Clumber Park: We shall be heading off up the A1 for our first working weekend of the year. We shall be working with the rangers somewhere on this large estate. Lop (John) E.
SUNDAY 26th Apr Wimpole Gardens: Continuing work in the gardens to help realise the Garden Vision Val W.
SUNDAY 3rd May Hatfield Forest: Come along to this fascinating area of ancient forest where you can witness planes from Stansted brush the treetops. We will be cutting back along the overgrown rides. Ruth S.
SUNDAY 10th May Committee meeting at Anglesey Abbey Any committee member
SUNDAY 10th May Anglesey Abbey: Our help is required in preparing for an outdoor catering event, plus some wood preserving work. Tom H.
SUNDAY 24th May Wimpole Gardens: To be confirmed but likely to be continuing the ongoing work on the Garden Vision. Alison B.
SUNDAY 31st May Social event: Join Lop on a walk through the beautiful fields and villages to be found just down the road from Somewhere-Or-Other. Lop (John) E.
SUNDAY 7th Jun Wimpole Estate: Taking down the old stock fencing on the South Avenue Kyle V.
SUNDAY 14th Jun Anglesey Abbey: Continuing with the never ending scrub clearance on Hoe Fen Ian S.
SATURDAY 27th - SUNDAY 28th Jun Scything Festival at Wimpole: It’s the return of this popular annual event. Our help is required again to ensure it all runs smoothly and no one loses their toes.
FRIDAY 3rd - SUNDAY 5th Jul Working weekend away: Our annual Summer trip up the A1 to work with the Head Gardener at Belton House. There is no basecamp so only for those who are hardy enough to spend two nights camping! Lop (John) E.
SUNDAY 12th Jul Come along to Anglesey Abbey to help with thinning along Gypsy Drove at Hoe Fen Alison B.
SUNDAY 19th Jul Wimpole Gardens: Continuing with the ongoing work to help realise the Garden Vision. Ian S.
SUNDAY 26th Jul A welcome return for the group to Ickworth. We shall be helping them by cutting back the laurel bushes. There will probably be a bonfire too! Tony H.
SUNDAY 2nd Aug Hatfield Forest: Our help is needed in clearing scrub and burning brash to restore areas of the forest to pasture. Ruth S.
SUNDAY 9th Aug Social event: A leisurely walk in and around Ely in the afternoon ending up at our house for tea and cakes. Clyde S.
SUNDAY 16th Aug Wimpole Gardens: Work continues with the Garden Vision. More details closer to the task. Tom H.
SUNDAY 16th Aug Committee Meeting: To be held at Wimpole following the task. Any committee member
SUNDAY 23rd Aug Ickworth: Continuing the attack on the laurel bushes which we started in July. Kyle V.
SATURDAY 5th - SUNDAY 6th Sep WoodFest is an annual festival of all things wooden and the Rangers at Hatfield Forest would welcome our help in ensuring the festival runs smoothly. There will be an opportunity to camp for those who would like to spend both days there. Barbara C.
SUNDAY 20th Sep Anglesey Abbey: Our help is required with the regular wood chipping of the paths around Hoe Fen. Paul C.
SUNDAY 27th Sep Our final visit to Wimpole Gardens this quarter to continue work on the Garden Vision. Val W.
SUNDAY 4th Oct Our only task at Anglesey Abbey this quarter so make sure you don’t miss it! Work to be confirmed nearer the time. Lop (John) E.
FRIDAY 9th - SUNDAY 11th Oct Working Weekend: Join us as we head off down to Haslemere on the Surrey/Sussex border to spend the weekend working on the Blackdown Hills. Comfortable accommodation and stunning views guaranteed. Barbara C.
SUNDAY 18th Oct Our Annual General Meeting to elect a committee to run the group for the next 12 months and to discuss any other issues raised. Any committee member
SUNDAY 18th Oct Wimpole Estate: We shall be carrying out forestry work in the woodlands around the Wimpole Estate. Perhaps working alongside the warden’s pair of working horses. Ian S.
SUNDAY 25th Oct Oxburgh Hall: Come along and join us as we venture into Norfolk to work at this fascinating property. Work will be woodland management. Pete J.
SUNDAY 1st Nov Wimpole Gardens: There is always plenty of work for us to do helping the Head Gardener to keep on top of his beds and borders. Val W.
SUNDAY 8th Nov Peckover House: Our gardening skills are required to tidy up some of the borders, apply compost and even scrub up a birch tree. Ruth S.
SUNDAY 15th Nov Committee Meeting at Wimpole. To be held following the task. Any committee member
SUNDAY 15th Nov Wimpole Estate: Carrying on with the forestry work where we left off in October. Tom H.
SUNDAY 22nd Nov General estate management at Melford Hall, working alongside Suffolk NTV on this occasion. Kyle V.
SUNDAY 29th Nov Wimpole Gardens: There’s always plenty to do in the gardens so come along and get stuck in. Alison B.
SATURDAY 5th Dec Social: We shall be celebrating Christmas with a meal at The White Hart in Fulbourn. Let Paul know as soon as possible if you wish to come along. Paul H.
SUNDAY 13th Dec Wimpole Gardens: Our final visit of the year. We’ll know more about what’s required of us nearer the time. Lop (John) E.

Events in 2016

FRIDAY 1st Jan Social: Join Lop for a walk of approx. 5 miles around Anglesey Abbey, finishing with something hot in the Restaurant. John (Lop) E.
FRIDAY 1st Jan Social: Join Lop on his biennial walk around the countryside behind Anglesey Abbey, finishing with a bowl of warming soup in the restaurant. Lop (John) E.
SUNDAY 10th Jan Wimpole Gardens: Work to be confirmed nearer the time but there is always plenty that needs doing in the gardens. Val W.
SUNDAY 17th Jan Anglesey Abbey: Working on the estate. Exact task to be confirmed nearer the time Jenny M.
SUNDAY 24th Jan Ickworth: Our help is required in refurbishing the herbaceous borders and pruning the willow maze. Kyle V.
SUNDAY 31st Jan Oxburgh Hall: Woodland management, including improving the access to the woods. Tom H.
SUNDAY 14th Feb Hatfield Forest: Marsh restoration work, including the removal of woody regrowth. Jenny M.
SUNDAY 21st Feb Committee Meeting: To be held at the Head Gardener’s palatial potting shed following the task at Wimpole. Any committee member
SUNDAY 21st Feb Wimpole Gardens: Continuing with the task, not yet confirmed, which we started in January. Ian S.
SUNDAY 28th Feb Ickworth: Continuing with the refurbishment of the herbaceous borders and the pruning of the willow maze. Ruth S.
SUNDAY 6th Mar Houghton Mill: Our assistance is required to get the mill environs all spick and span, ready for the new season. There are also some signs to be installed. John (Lop) E.
SUNDAY 13th Mar Ramsey Abbey Gatehouse: It’s that time of year again when we give the Gatehouse its annual spring clean. Have your dusters and mops at the ready! We may also be required at Houghton Mill after if it had not been possible to finish the task held last week. Ian S.
SUNDAY 20th Mar Anglesey Abbey: Working on the estate. More details nearer the time. Alison B.
SUNDAY 3rd Apr Ickworth: A great start to the Spring programme with a trip over the county boundary into Suffolk to work in the grounds of this fascinating property. Ruth S.
SUNDAY 10th Apr Wimpole Gardens: Your chance to work alongside the Head Gardener and to see what is required of us on this occasion. Lop E.
SUNDAY 17th Apr Anglesey Abbey: Our first visit to Anglesey Abbey for a while so there should be plenty of jobs to keep us busy and out of mischief. Kyle V.
SUNDAY 24th Apr Peckover House: Our help is required with the clearance and thinning out of the overgrown sections of the estate. Tom H.
SUNDAY 8th May Oxburgh Hall: Some footpath work is needed in the formal gardens plus the removal of invasive vegetation from the meadows and, if there are enough of us, then possibly also some access improvement work in the woodland. Clyde S.
SUNDAY 15th May Ickworth: Our second visit to this property this quarter. Tasks to be ascertained nearer the time. Jenny M.
SUNDAY 22nd May Committee Meeting - Wimpole: To be held at the Head Gardener’s palatial potting shed following the task. Any committee member
SUNDAY 22nd May Wimpole Gardens: More details of what we’ll be doing nearer the time. Keep an eye on your emails! Ian S.
SUNDAY 29th May Hatfield Forest: Our assistance is required to clear some of the rides and to open them up for walkers and horseriders. Tony H.
SUNDAY 5th Jun Social – Walk: Join Lop for an 8 to 10 mile walk through beautiful countryside which will be at its best at this time of year. And it won’t be raining either! Lop E.
SUNDAY 19th Jun Anglesey Abbey: Our second and final visit to this property this quarter. More details of the task nearer the time. Jenny M.

A selection of older events may be found in our programme archive.