Cambridge National Trust Volunteers

As an independent volunteer group, we actively support the National Trust by giving up time to help preserve and maintain their properties. We typically work on Sundays, but also carry out longer weekend tasks during the year.

Our work includes such outdoor tasks as clearing scrub, gardening, laying hedges and footpath maintenance. We also help steward events at NT properties and organise a variety of social events.

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Upcoming projects and events

WoodFest is an annual festival of all things wooden and the Rangers at Hatfield Forest would welcome our help in ensuring the festival runs smoothly. There will be an opportunity to camp for those who would like to spend both days there.
SUNDAY 20th Sep
Anglesey Abbey: Our help is required with the regular wood chipping of the paths around Hoe Fen.

You’re welcome to come along without further commitment (and you don’t need to be a Trust member).

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