Cambridge National Trust Volunteers

As an independent volunteer group, we actively support the National Trust by giving up time to help preserve and maintain their properties. We typically work on Sundays, but also carry out longer weekend tasks during the year.

Our work includes such outdoor tasks as clearing scrub, gardening, laying hedges and footpath maintenance. We also help steward events at NT properties and organise a variety of social events.

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Upcoming projects and events

SUNDAY 22nd Oct
Hatfield Forest: We’ll be working in this ancient forest, probably cutting back the rides to keep them open for horseriders.
FRIDAY 27th - SUNDAY 29th Oct
Working weekend away at Orford Ness: We shall be spending these two days helping the warden out on this shingle spit which is on the east coast. Come and see this fascinating site with its unique combination of wild nature and unexploded ordnance!

You’re welcome to come along without further commitment (and you don’t need to be a Trust member).

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